Holo Projectors

HoloProjector I2C

5mm RGB Piranha LED

Includes a replacement custom polymer threaded HoloProjector rear back/cover with pin out label and uninstalled headers for flexible installation.

Defined as Front HP (FHP), Top HP (THP) Rear HP (RHP).

All you have to do is provide between +5.5 VDC to +15 VDC or allow it to be powered directly from the I2C bus connection.  The preprogramed 328p will take care of the rest.

As you grow and expand, you can add servos, and/or plug the I2C connector into your droid's I2C bus and take advantage of additional FX features, functionality, and of course they work with the RSeries I2C Bus!

HoloProjector LED
5mm RGB Piranha LED
Defined as Front HP (FHP), Top HP (THP) Rear HP (RHP)
Same LED FX as it's bigger sister above, however it lacks the servo control & onboard voltage regulator.
Designed to use existing HP backs, so uses 2mm header. Works with RSeries I2C Bus!

Both model of HP Logics can be reprogrammed with ISP connector, we recommend AVR MkII or Adafruit Tiny ISP.

As of 10-May-2014, the RSeries HP Logics are being offered by Glyn Harper.

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